Always purchase your technical running shoes from a reputable specialist running shoe store.

If necessary or if you are injured get the specialized running shoe advice from your sports podiatrist.

A technical running shoe is chosen / prescribed on the basis of biomechanical function.

For example –

If you have neutral biomechanics / feet then a NEUTRAL running shoe is needed.

If your feet are slightly overpronated then a MILD ANTIPRONATION / stability running shoe is necessary.

If your feet are excessively overpronated then a STRONG ANTIPRONATION / motion control running shoe is necessary.

At times there are exceptions to these rules, where the runner is in the incorrect running shoes and yet had no injuries. The tendency is then to leave them in the incorrect running shoes.

Do not change model or brand if you do not have to.

All running shoe brands have these different categories of running shoes.

Some may have different terminology for the categories of neutral / mild antipronation / strong antipronation.

This choice can be complicated so get good professional help.