This is an attempt to develop a classification / index / scale of minimalistic running shoes with the help of the individual running shoe companies and experts in the running shoe industry.

As the classification of minimalistic running shoes is not an exact science and not based on scientific factors, all information in this classification is from the individual running shoe companies and my own professional opinion.

Many thanks to all the running shoe companies for their help.

This classification only includes minimalistic running shoes available in South Africa.


This information and / advice is the opinion of the author in his capacity as a qualified and registered podiatrist in South Africa. As the prescription of the correct sport shoe for a patient is a complex task based on numerous factors, this information is meant as a guide only.

The categorization of the sport shoe models in this publication is the opinion of the author based on his professional experience, using available information sourced from the individual sporting companies and information published in sporting magazines and the internet.

It is beyond the ambit of this publication to list the individual attributes of each shoe model. For more information on each model consult the individual company.

The information contained in this website is as current as possible, and every attempt has been made to ensure accuracy.