HOKA ONE ONE. The world’s most popular maximalist running shoes. Hoka One One – Fly over the earth. By Dennis Rehbock. Podiatrist.   My take on maximalist running shoes  –  reported to be the fastest growing running shoe brand in the world. For a few years now I have been talking about and lecturing on maximalist running shoes. These maximalist running shoes are a relatively new category of running shoes in South Africa. From February this year we now have the most well known maximalist brand, namely Hoka One One, here locally.   TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE  –  OPEN IT HERE OR SEE THE RUNNING SHOE GUIDES  – OPEN IT HERE   REFERENCES Hoka One One –  Hoka One One Facebook – hokaoneone Hullabaloo – Hoka One One FW17 Line Up  – Hoka One One stockists –!/hoka-stockists Dennis Rehbock – Podiatrist – David Ives – Podiatrist –...

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Plantar warts (warts, verruca, Afrikaans – soolvrat)

Plantar warts  (warts, verruca, Afrikaans – soolvrat)

Going barefoot is one of the luxuries of a South African summer but it also carries an increase risk of contracting a virus…

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